October 15 (morning)

15 October 2021 (Friday – morning)

Jose Maria Manzano, ZAUM, TUM (Germany)“Environmental allergens, climate change and health impact”Chair: Célia M Antunes (UÉv)
10:00h Coffee Break
10:30h Auditorium ES Amphitheatre ES
S3 – Toxicology and Environmental Biochemistry
Chairs: Ana R. Costa (UÉv); Jose Maria Manzano (UMuniq)Invited speakers:

  • Ana Catarina Sousa (UÉv)

“Hormones messed up – a tale of endocrine disruptors in the XXI century”

  • Maria João Bebbiano (UAlg)

“Are micro and nanoplastics toxic?”

S4 – Structural Biology and Molecular Modelling / S7 – Membranes and Cell Biophysics
Chairs: Cláudio Soares (ITQB NOVA); Graça Soveral (FFUL); Nuno Santos (FMUL)Invited speakers:

  • Ana Luísa Carvalho (UNL)

“A molecular view on the carbohydrate preferences of highly efficient cellulolytic bacteria”

  • Rosário Domingues (UAv)

“The use of lipidomics to study membrane phospholipids”

  • Maria João Sarmento (CAS, Czeck Republic)

“The impact of the glycan headgroup on the nanoscopic segregation of gangliosides”

11:30h Oral Communications – OS3
12:00h Oral Communications – OS4/S7
12:30h Flash Poster Communication – PS3
Chairs: Maria João Bebbiano (UAlg); Patrícia Palma (IPBeja)
Flash Poster Communication – PS4/S7
Chairs: Cláudio Soares (ITQB NOVA); Graça Soveral (FFUL); Nuno Santos (FMUL)
13:00h Lunch