October 14

14 October 2021 (Thursday)

13:00h Registration
14:30h Opening Ceremony
Magali Cucchiarini, Saarland University Medical Center (Germany)“Biomaterial-Guided Gene Therapy for Cartilage Repair

Chair: Leonor Cancela (UAlg)

16:00h Coffee break
16.30h Auditorium ES Amphitheatre ES
S1 – Molecular Mechanisms of Disease
Chairs: Leonor Cancela (UAlg); Magali Cucchiarini (Saarland Univ., Germany)Invited Speakers:

  • Monzur Murshed (MacGill University, Canada)

“Understanding the pathobiology of Keutel Syndrome” 

  • Álvaro Tavares (UAlg)

“Control of cell proliferation”

S2 – Plant Cell Biology and Biotechnology
Chairs: Jorge M. Silva (UL); Teresa Lino-Neto (UMinho)Invited Speakers:

  • Elizabete Carmo-Silva (Lancaster Univ., UK)

“Rubisco activase isoform diversity and crop adaptation to dynamic environments”

  • Helena Carvalho (UP)

“Unravelling the function of glutamine synthetase of the prokaryotic type (GSI-like) in nitrogen signalling in Medicago truncatula”

17.30h Oral Communications – OS1a
Oral Communications – OS2
18.30h Flash Poster Communication – PS1a
Chairs: Manuel Santos (UAv); Álvaro Tavares (UAlg)
Flash Poster Communication – PS2
Chairs: Jorge M. Silva (FCUL); Helena Carvalho (CIBIO_UP)
19:30h Welcome reception