Preliminary Program

14th October of 2021 (Thursday)

13:00h Registration
14:30h Opening Ceremony
15.00h Plenary Lecture: Biomaterial-guided gene therapy for cartilage repair
Magali Cucchiarini, Saarland University Medical Center,Hamburg, Germany
16:00h Coffee break
16.30h S1 – Molecular Mechanisms of Disease S2 – Plant Cell Biology and Biotechnology
19:00h Welcome reception


15th October of 2021 (Friday)

09:00h Plenary Lecture: Allergy and Environment: the impact of climate change
Jeroen Buters, ZAUM, TUM, Germany
10:00h Coffee Break
10:30h S3 – Toxicology and Environmental Biochemistry S4 – Structural Biology and Molecular Modelling
10:30h Invited Speakers Invited Speakers
11:30h Oral Communications Oral Communications
12:30h Poster Session Poster Session
13:00h Lunch
14:00h Plenary Lecture: The neurovascular-neurometabolic axis in aging and neurodegeneration
João Laranjinha, CNC, FFUCoimbra
15:00h S5SPB-SPN: Neurobiology of aging and stress S6 – Functional Genomics and Systems Biology
15:00h Invited Speakers Invited Speakers
16:00h Oral Communications Oral Communications
17:00h Coffee Break
17:30h S7 – Membranes and Cell Biophysics SS1 – Art, Biochemistry and Innovation in life sciences


17:30h Invited Speakers Invited Speakers
18:30h Oral Communications
19h:00h / 19:30h Poster Session Poster Session
20:00h Congress Dinner


16th October of 2021 (Saturday)

09:00h S8 – SBBq – Proteins in Health and Environment S9 – SEBBM – Chemical Biology, drug discovery and development
09:00h Invited Speakers Invited Speakers
10:00h Oral Communications Oral Communications
11:00h Coffee Break
11:30h Plenary Lecture: Artificial Enzymes
José Moura, FCT-UNL
12:30h Lunch
14:00h SS2 – COVID Special Session
16:00h Closing cerimony